Tuition Fees


Montessori at Mountain School is a traditional Montessori preschool and
kindergarten program serving children from three to six in multi-age classrooms.



For children not yet three, or three
years-old and attending school for the first time

Three Day Morning Program (3 days)
8:45AM–1:30PM, $8,560

Three Day Primary Program (3 days)
8:45AM–2:45PM, $9,530

Four-Day Primary Program (T-F)
8:45-1:30, $9,850

Four-Day Primary + Nap Program (T-F)
8:45-2:45, $11,880

Five-Day Primary Program (M-F)
8:45-1:30, $11,770

Five-Day Primary + Nap Program (M-F)
8:45-2:45, $14,660

For kindergarten-aged children

Kindergarten Program (M-F)
8:45-2:45, $16,000

A student may move from one program to another during the year.
Tuition adjustment will be prorated by full weeks for any part of a week.

Fees for New Students Only
Application Fee, due with application, one-time Non-refundable fee: $50.00
Enrollment Deposit, due with Enrollment Contract, Non-refundable Deposit
(applied to final tuition installment of the kindergarten year) $750.00

Winter Sports Program
One afternoon a week for six weeks starting in January: $300.00 (Preschool) $360.00 (Kindergarten)
Please note that although this program is optional, no other services are provided in its place.

Billing for Montessori (preschool and kindergarten)
Tuition may be paid in one payment due in July, or two payments due in July and November.
Monthly billing over ten months from July through April is available. A monthly payment plan option fee of
$120 per student will be added. Tuition may be paid by check, automatic withdrawal or credit card.

Financial Aid
Telluride Mountain School seeks to enroll families that, above all, embrace the school’s mission and culture.
In order to promote socio-economic diversity, the school offers a financial aid program for qualified families.
Families applying for assistance are asked to complete the Parent Financial Statement, which is provided and
reviewed by School and Student Services for Financial Aid, an organization providing financial aid services to
independent schools and their families. Please notify the school if you wish to apply for financial aid.

Why Montessori?

Individualized lessons meet children with their own unique development.

Multi-age classrooms foster collaboration, compassion and motivation
as children learn from one another.

Highly trained teachers have a deep understanding of the Montessori
method and child development.

Materials provide a concrete, hands-on experience for learning
and building a foundation for advanced academics.

Carefully prepared classroom environment with natural materials
entice purposeful and meaningful experiences for children.

Opportunities develop a love of nature and the world around us, both locally and globally.