Head of School


Andy Shoff

Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, the Telluride Mountain School’s unique program begins with a strong foundation for self-directed learning in our Montessori school, progresses to student-led learning both in the classroom and on outdoor and experiential education throughout the years, and culminates with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Throughout, our academic program creates capable and flexible thinkers and engaged learners.

We’re lucky to have an inspiring location to feed our pursuit of knowledge. Our rugged mountains and canyons, and our surrounding forests and rivers are our beautiful classrooms for our outdoor education program. Even more importantly, they provide us with authentic opportunities to learn to care for our environment, they help our students develop a sense of place, and they teach important lessons in leadership, tenacity, and resilience. Throughout these pages, I encourage you to explore and discover the many components that make our school a unique learning community.

While much of what we are is evident on this website, what’s missing from these pages is the way energy courses into the building on a Monday as students return to school excited to learn and ready to share their achievements in our weekly all school community meeting. Missing too, is the thrill of first and second graders as they plan for an overnight adventure, where they get their first taste of experiential learning that will fuel their love of learning all the way through high school. Or the palpable curiosity of a 11th/12th grade history class studying the Vietnam War in preparation for their experiential learning trip to South East Asia. Or the energy in the music room as students ready themselves for a school-wide performance. No website can capture these authentic moments of community- another key to our school. For that, you must come see the school yourself. I heartily encourage you to schedule a visit and do just that, so that you too can experience what makes Telluride Mountain School a unique learning experience.