Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Financial Strength:

Provide a sustainable financial future that will serve generations of outstanding students for years to come.

Action Items:

  • Manage enrollment to increase earned revenues and strategically implement financial aid to create a capable and diverse student body

  • Successfully execute a capital campaign

  • Fund an endowment that will provide financial support in the following areas:

    • Unrestricted (reserve)

    • Faculty Development

    • Student Resources

    • Campus Enhancement

  • Retire debt on Telluride Mountain School facility to significantly increase cash flow, reduce Annual Fund, and allow for investment in areas such as program, student support services, professional development, etc.

  • Foster a sustainable culture of philanthropy

  • 100% participation from parents, faculty, staff and Trustees in the Annual Fund campaign

Program Excellence:

Deliver innovative PreK-12 grade education that develops breadth and depth across curriculum and prepares students to excel in post secondary education.

Action Items:

  • Implement the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to ensure that graduates are prepared for competitive colleges and universities

  • Examine the existing Experiential Education program to ensure the inclusion of curricular objectives and extend opportunities for interdisciplinary learning

  • Revise existing curriculum to ensure its alignment with world-class standards

  • Include curricular elements that promote global-mindedness and multi-cultural awareness, including opportunities to collaborate with distant learning communities

  • Articulate and expand on the use of technology as a tool for creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking

School With a Heart:

Promote well-being amongst our youth. Enhance and implement programs to support healthy relationships and build vital personal and social skills.

Action Items:

  • Provide ongoing training, support, and collaborative time to faculty to implement the Positive Discipline program

  • Extend school counselor hours and increase professional consultation to teachers for learning support

  • Include Mindfulness programming for all grades

  • Articulate and support inter- and interpersonal skills that support lifelong learning and healthy attitudes and dispositions for students

  • Develop leadership opportunities for upper school students

Faculty Development:

Develop and support compelling educators that passionately contribute and engage the students of Telluride Mountain School to become critical thinkers and globally minded citizens.

Action Items:

  • Recruit and retain high caliber faculty and staff that will support mission and culture alignment

  • Provide the necessary professional development for faculty to excel as innovative leaders in education:

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

  • Montessori Education

  • Experiential Education

  • Teaching Excellence Initiative

  • Department Leadership

  • Examine and adjust compensation scheme and benefit program

  • Identify and develop affordable housing opportunities

  • Develop coaching for professional growth and revise evaluation process

Outstanding Campus:

Develop engaging play areas, adequate parking facilities and additional classrooms.

Action Items:

  • Acquire Lot G, the lot adjacent to the school, which will allow future development and campus enhancement - Completed.

  • Develop parking to enhance campus aesthetics, increase safety and provide needed space for family and faculty parking - Completed.

  • Renovate and develop all-school play areas to enrich outdoor playtime

  • Expand classroom and meeting space to meet the school’s growing needs