Students camping

The first and second-grade class began our OE trip with a full-day hike on the Keystone Gorge trail. Just outside our school grounds, students explored the beauty all around us. Incorporating our science studies of plants and animals, students observed their surroundings as we hiked, played, and got wet in the river. We discovered lichen, moss, elk, deer, rabbits, and a bat hiding in the rocks. Students wrote in their journals about what they were grateful for in nature, sketched landscapes, and engaged in meaningful conversation.  

We met later that evening at Golden Ledge, just above Telluride. The campsite was beautiful, with land to play, tents to sleep in, and a bonfire ready to light the students were excited about an official campout. After enjoying pizza, students unpacked their bags and helped gather wood for the fire. Everyone enjoyed roasting marshmallows and telling stories around the campfire. After pajamas were on and everyone brushed their teeth, students gazed into the night sky and found constellations before tucking into bed.  

After a great night's sleep, the group enjoyed an incredible breakfast of french toast, bacon, berries, and whipping cream. We packed camp, left no trace, and headed to the Telluride farmers market. At the market, students asked inquiring questions to local farmers about the crops they grew, how they attract pollinators and the good and bad of farming in this area. We tried local apples, had a picnic in elk's park, and topped off the trip with a river walk to the town park.     

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