Students at Museum

This past May, the world of dinosaurs came to life for the 1st and 2nd-grade class as they explored Fruita, Colorado. Their journey began with an up-close look at ancient life with a visit to the Dinosaur Journey museum. The students examined dinosaur bones and fossilized tracks. They also saw ancient fish that still exist today and stood in a life-size replica of a brachiosaurus heart! During their stay at Moon Farm, the students played the interactive game “Jurassic Park” among the quaint-themed playhouses surrounding their lodging. The following day, students explored the riparian habitat of the dinosaur-rich landscape of the Ruby Horsethief Canyon. Students enjoyed a unique vantage point of the red and black rock layers that made up the canyon walls and experienced firsthand the refreshing river water. Finally, on May 7th, they were guided by a paleontologist as they hiked the Trail Through Time in Rabbit Valley. Some of the first allosaurus bones were discovered on the same path they walked. Students also learned that paleontologists could tell a fossil from a rock by the texture when placing their tongue on a fossil. They observed the beautiful blooming cactus during their hike and were even visited by a friendly Colorado collared lizard. This engaging three-day experiential trip made lasting memories and maybe even inspired a few future paleontologists!