Mountain Sunrise

The end of the school year often feels bittersweet as we transition from one school year to the next. We say farewell to students and friends, families move away, and new families join our community. We also say farewell to volunteers.

Telluride Mountain School’s foundation is built around the critical work and generosity of volunteers. Without question, our small School and community would look much different today if not for the steady support of so many people along the way. So it is bittersweet that we announce the transition of Grace Engbring, Andy Krueger, and Miles Welch from our Board of Trustees.

Grace Engbring is the original Telluride Montessori School founder and was instrumental in merging TMS and the Montessori School in 1999. Grace has served on the board for 22 years and was the board chair for nine years. Grace’s unwavering love and support of TMS for the past 22 years helped shape who we are today. Words can not adequately convey the countless hours she has devoted to TMS. We are eternally grateful for all she has done for the School, and we will miss Grace’s leadership, generosity, patience, and sense of humor in the boardroom.

Andy Krueger has served on the board and Buildings and Grounds committee for 11 years. In the words of a colleague, “No single person has put in more selfless hours towards the upkeep of our school campus than Andy.” Andy could often be found on campus after hours and on weekends fixing, mowing, digging, painting, raking; the list goes on. Our campus will never be the same. Thank you, Andy, for your dedication and love of TMS! You will be missed!

Miles Welch is best known for his work on the Finance Committee. Miles’ leadership and financial expertise over the past 11 years has helped position the School for a sustainable financial future. We are incredibly thankful for his countless hours working on the School’s budget and talking about all things finance. We will greatly miss Miles’ soft-spoken intellect and witty sense of humor.

We wish Grace, Andy, and Miles all the best in your new endeavors, and while you transition to the next stage of your life, know that TMS will always be your family.

And as we wish our transitioning board members farewell, we are also excited to announce new Trustees to the TMS Board. Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Bensch, Will Downing, Jessica Goldberg, and Drake Taylor. Welcome “aboard!” For more information about our newest Trustees, please visit: https://telluridemountainschoo...