After this year, we will likely never again take for granted the opportunity to socialize and work together!

For most of us, one of the things long-treasured at the Telluride Mountain School is the strong sense of belonging and kinship with TMS families, teachers, and staff.

In pre-Covid days, we may have passed on a gathering like the class dinner or skipped the holiday party or spring fundraiser, knowing that there would be plenty of opportunities ahead to see friends and mingle with the TMS Community. However, come March of 2020, occasions to connect– whether in the parking lot waiting for our kids, at morning meetings, or during community-wide events like Graduation– evaporated. 

Since then, we’ve cherished the small moments of interaction like a quick chat in the end-of-day car line, a hello on the ski hill, or an occasional socially distanced cup of coffee with a fellow parent. We’ve discovered imaginative ways to stay connected virtually via Zoom and other online platforms. And though we have certainly adapted with characteristic Mountain School grit, it feels difficult to feel as engaged in the TMS community without the touchstones of in-person morning meetings, face-to-face conferences, and real-time student presentations. 

A fundamental role of the TMS Board of Trustees is to cultivate this sense of community by bringing together parents, students, faculty, and administrators to support one another and the school and to celebrate our kids’ successes. Four years ago, the Board established the Advancement and Volunteerism Committee. The Committee’s goal is to foster unity within the Mountain School community and provide us with opportunities to support and strengthen the school.

With the leadership of Stephanie Griebe, TMS’s Director of Advancement and Trustee, Kendall Cieciuch, a team of dedicated parents have come together this year to:

  • Create a welcoming environment consistent with the TMS community values.
  • Organize, support, and volunteer as Class Representatives for the critical role in keeping parents informed and involved.
  • Welcome and integrate new families during unusual times.
  • Support TMS families during difficult times or losses.
  • Mobilize fundraising efforts to support the school’s budget and scholarship fund, so our students have an enriching experience at TMS.
  • Organize school-wide events, including Graduation.

In the upcoming school year, we hope that the Advancement and Volunteerism Committee will again be able to organize school celebrations, including the Back-to-School BBQ, fundraiser events, parent gatherings, and more.

The Committee has many opportunities for parents to become involved – some volunteer positions require ongoing effort, while others are short-term and focused. If you are excited about what next year might look like, would like to connect with other parents, or have ideas of how to better support the school, please consider participating on this energetic Committee. If you are interested, contact Stephanie Griebe at sgriebe@telluridemtnschool.org, or Kendall Cieciuch at kyc@me.com.

And if you have occasion, don’t hesitate to thank the current rockstar group of volunteers, who, despite Covid, are still helping us make connections and supporting our wonderful Mountain School!

Stephanie Griebe, Advancement Committee Co-Chair Kendall Cieciuch, Advancement Committee Co-Chair Tanya Phelan, Class Rep Chair and 3/4 Class Rep Jessica Goldberg, Care Committee Chair Lacey Downing, Montessori Class Rep Heather Boucher, Montessori Class Rep Carolyn Soules, 1/2 Class Rep Janie Hawkins, 5/6 Class Rep Elizabeth Guest, 7/8 Class Rep Cindy Fusting, 9-12 Class Rep Sara and Chris Chaffin, Annual Fund Co-Chairs Jim Johnson, Grandparent Annual Fund Chair